About the Journal

Luxury: Landscape of Business Administration (Online ISSN: 2988-7585; Print ISSN: 2988-7593) explores concepts and characteristics related to administration and business, including products, brands, and experiences. The focus includes understanding what makes something a business, how an image is formed, and why consumers are attracted to a business' product or service. This journal also reviews topics related to business management. This could include management strategy, accounting, specialty marketing, brand management, supply chain management, finance and performance analysis of casual to prestigious sectors, or other management issues relevant to business administration. This journal also provides a thorough view of the industrial landscape or layout. It involves understanding industry dynamics, recent trends, external factors affecting business, and shifts in consumer perceptions and preferences for business products.

This journal includes a theoretical review of business administration concepts, as well as research methods used in such research, such as case studies, surveys, data analysis, interviews, or other forms of articles approved by the editor.