Luxury: Landscape of Business Administration <p><strong>Luxury: Landscape of Business Administration</strong> (Online ISSN: 2988-7585; Print ISSN: 2988-7593) is a research journal that aims to investigate and analyze phenomena in the context of business administration. This topic can cover various aspects related to the industry, such as brand management, marketing strategy, supply chain management, customer experience, or financial analysis from both casual to prestigious sectors. This journal examines how businesses operate in an evolving global context, considering factors such as economic developments, consumer trends, sustainability, and the impact of technology on the industry. This journal also discusses the specific challenges faced by businesses, including intense competition, maintenance of brand image, or strict regulation. This journal includes a theoretical review of the concept of business administration, as well as research methods used in such research, such as case studies, surveys, data analysis, or interviews. This journal exclusively publishes articles every January and July.</p> First Ciera Publisher en-US Luxury: Landscape of Business Administration 2988-7593 Analysis of the Internal Control System for Receivables at CV. Putra Riau Mandiri <p>In carrying out its activities to achieve the stated goals, companies must exercise control. The controls implemented must provide benefits, in this case being able to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of operations. This research focuses on analysis of the receivables control system. The purpose of this research is to describe and analyze how internal control at CV. Putra Riau Mandiri Pekanbaru. This research uses qualitative tests with a descriptive-analysis approach to internal control of trade receivables which refers to the COSO framework on the elements of internal control. The results of the research show that in the transaction authorization section the separation of duties is still not in accordance with COSO theory because there are still trapped functions and responsibilities in the sales and billing sections. Then, adequate documents are in accordance with COSO theory that every transaction has been properly documented. However, in the internal information section between the billing, accounting and finance sections, there is still a need for internal documents, namely payment receipt documents in hardfile and softfile form. Then, in terms of data and file security, it is running in accordance with COSO theory because the existing data has been properly backed up. The cause of uncollected receivables due to the manager's ignorance regarding several invoices is because there are duplicate tasks in the billing department, then there are frequent delays in recording the repayment of receivables so that in recapitulation of repayment there are often errors in recording receivable payments.</p> Lister Eveline Hutabarat Copyright (c) 2024 Luxury: Landscape of Business Administration 2024-01-01 2024-01-01 2 1 1 25 10.61230/luxury.v2i1.65 Analysis of Determining the Cost of Goods Production Using the Full Costing Method as a Basis for Determining the Selling Price of Rubber Rubber at PT. Sinar Belantara Indah <p>Production costs are very necessary in determining the cost of production of a product. The costs incurred to produce the product must be clear, so that the determination of the cost of production will be correct too. PT. Sinar Belantara Indah in determining the cost of production uses the full costing method. The full costing method is a determination of the cost of production that takes into account all elements of production costs consisting of raw material costs, labor costs and factory overhead costs. This research is a type of descriptive research, namely research conducted to determine the calculation of the cost of production in order to determine the selling price. The data used is primary and secondary data which is carried out using the accounting cycle, which starts with recording each transaction in a journal and ends with preparing the cost of production report and financial reports. In reporting the cost of production, the company classifies production costs according to the relationship between the costs and the thing being financed. The research results show that the calculation of the cost of production is the basis for determining the selling price of PT. Sinar Belantara Indah rubber latex.</p> Selvi Oktaviana Sinaga Copyright (c) 2024 Luxury: Landscape of Business Administration 2024-01-01 2024-01-01 2 1 26 58 10.61230/luxury.v2i1.66 The Influence of The Value of Oil and Gas Exports and Imports on The Country's Foreign Exchange from 2010-2017 <p>International trade requires a very important source of financing, namely foreign exchange reserves. Foreign exchange reserves are the net position of foreign assets of the government and foreign exchange banks, which must be maintained for international transaction purposes. This research aims to determine the effect of oil and gas exports, namely crude oil, oil and gas products on foreign exchange reserves in Indonesia. The type of data used in this research is secondary data obtained from the Central Statistics Agency website, data taken from BPS is the value of oil and gas exports and imports for 1996-2017 and the position of foreign exchange reserves for 2005-2018. The method used in this research is the Simple Linear Regression Method which is used to see the form of relationship between variables through an equation. From the research results above, it can be concluded that oil and gas exports and imports in 2010-2017 did not have a significant effect on the country's foreign exchange reserves. This shows the lack of contribution of exports and imports of crude oil, oil and gas products in influencing the country's foreign exchange reserves.</p> Intan Purnama Rizaldi Putra Hidayat Syahputra Fitri Yani Pujiono Eddy Copyright (c) 2024 Luxury: Landscape of Business Administration 2024-01-20 2024-01-20 2 1 59 70 10.61230/luxury.v2i1.68 Fueling Success: Unleashing the Power of Motivation, Nurturing Work Environments, and Cultivating Organizational Culture for Peak Job Satisfaction and Performance <p>This study seeks to assess, analyze, and quantify the influence of Motivation, Work Environment, and Organizational Culture on both Job Satisfaction and Teacher Performance in State Elementary Schools within Cluster VI of Bengkalis District. The research encompasses 119 teachers, representing the entire population, and employs a census technique. The methodology involves descriptive analysis and hypothesis testing, utilizing Path analysis through SPSS 21 and SmartPLS programs. The findings from hypothesis testing reveal a positive and significant correlation between motivation and job satisfaction. However, the impact of work motivation on performance is positive but not statistically significant. Similarly, the positive relationship between Work Environment and Job Satisfaction is identified, but it lacks a significant impact. The positive association between Work Environment and Performance is observed, yet without a significant impact. Organizational Culture demonstrates a positive link with Job Satisfaction, though lacking a significant impact. However, it positively correlates with Performance and has a significant impact. Interestingly, Job Satisfaction is positively related to performance, yet it does not significantly influence the performance of civil servant teachers in SD Cluster I, Bengkalis District.</p> Rizaldi Putra Wan Muhamad Kudri Copyright (c) 2024 Luxury: Landscape of Business Administration 2024-01-20 2024-01-20 2 1 71 84 10.61230/luxury.v2i1.72 Unearthed Treasures by Unlocking the Secrets of Forgotten Cash through Dynamic Cash Flow Analysis <p>Cash flow is an important aspect of company finances which reflects the company's financial health and ability to fulfill its financial obligations. Cash flow statements allow stakeholders to understand how cash flows are generated and used in a given period. This research aims to gain an in-depth understanding of cash flow management, financial innovation, risk management, and modern business practices. Through a qualitative approach with literature studies, this research explains various aspects related to cash flow, starting from definitions, classifications, and problems that may occur, to the analysis techniques used. There are three main categories in the cash flow report, namely operating, investing, and financing activities. Cash flow problems can occur in the form of a deficit, break-even, or surplus. Cash flow analysis includes various ratios that measure a company's financial performance, such as operating cash flow/net sales, free cash flow, and other ratios. The results and discussion highlight the cash flow analysis techniques used, such as the calculation of operating cash flow/net sales and free cash flow, as well as various ratios that measure a company's financial performance. This research concludes that cash flow analysis is an important key in understanding company finances and making better strategic decisions. Cash flow statements help identify potential financial problems and ensure the long-term continuity of a company's operations. As suggestions for future research, this study suggests exploring the impact of technology in cash flow management, the influence of financial innovation on cash flow, risk management strategies, dividend policies, best practices in cash flow management, comparison of methods for preparing cash flow reports, the influence of tax policy, and the impact of CSR on cash flow.</p> Nicholas Renaldo Sudarno Sudarno Amy Hughes Harry Smith Matthias Schmidt Copyright (c) 2024 Luxury: Landscape of Business Administration 2024-01-31 2024-01-31 2 1 85 92 10.61230/luxury.v2i1.75